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Linda S. Jevahirian, President, Legal Search & Management, Inc.

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Established 1990

I have been not only amused, but also engrossed with the vivacious and entrepreneurial spirit of Harry Gordon Selfridge in the British TV series Mr. Selfridge.  I tend to favor historical works, especially those based on true stories about success.  But this one has me thinking beyond the brilliant set and costume design, and more seriously about what makes a boss a true leader. Some of his published quotes are food for thought when it comes to the timeless habits of leadership.

> The boss drives - the leader coaches

> The boss depends upon authority - the leader on goodwill

> The boss inspires fear - the leader inspires enthusiasm

> The boss says I - the leader says we

> The boss fixes the blame for the breakdown - the leader fixes the breakdown

> The boss knows how it is done - the leader shows how

> The boss says go - the leader says let's go

> The customer is always right

While working at Marshall Fields in Chicago, Selfridge was the first to promote the advertising phrase “Only ___ Shopping Days Until Christmas.” He became a retail magnate after exporting the American concept of shopping for pleasure rather than necessity to his store in London in 1909.

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Be a Leader Not a Boss - The Timeless Habits of Leadership