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Focus on critical not basic information 

Develop a job description that is specific.  Include the responsibilities, as well as the knowledge required to do the job.  Send it to the applicants before they arrive for the interview.  This will help reduce the number of the candidate's basic questions, and eliminate applicants who are not serious about the position.   

Gather preliminary details

Ask preliminary questions via telephone or email to streamline the face to face interview.  Clarify resume information, status of the candidate's search, objectives for employment, and salary range. If an application is required, ask that it be completed and submitted prior to the interview.

Evaluate consistently  

Assess each applicant in a consistent manner.  Use a form that includes your objective as well as subjective findings, and fill it out during and immediately after the interview.  A rating scale combined with commentary will remind you of the nuances that are easy to forget.  This process will help you tip the scale when you are presented with more than one highly desirable applicant.

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