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Linda S. Jevahirian, President, Legal Search & Management, Inc.

(248) 471-3443 | | 27600 Farmington Road Suite 203C | Farmington Michigan 48334

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How do you know if the applicant you are interviewing has the characteristics and skills you are looking for?  Try asking questions that will prompt the candidate to give you specific examples.  

Excellent written and oral communication skills; Attention to detail; Articulate


What is the person's speaking style?  Are the answers to your questions clear, organized and to the point, or does the person drone on with needless explanations?  Is there enough detail to get the point across or are the answers vague and indistinguishable.   Does the individual offer writing samples freely?

Commitment to extraordinary client service.  Hard-working; Flexible; Strong work ethic  


How do clients describe this person?  Is it possible to get a reference from a client?  How has this person ‘gone the extra mile.' What will happen if overtime is required at the last minute? What hours does this person work and/or bill?  

Strong organizational skills


How does the person prioritize their work?  What kind of systems have they created to improve operations? 

Self-starter; Ability to work independently, and as part of a team; Resourceful


How did this person learn to do their job?  What resources did they use?  What will happen when they are given an assignment that they have never done before?  How does this person get their job done? Do they have assistants?  Who else is involved with the finished product? What is their role in the project?

Ability to work under pressure and manage multiple, changing priorities while meeting deadlines


What is a typical day like for this person?  If you hear words like unstructured, chaotic, busy and/or hectic you will know that the person is used to working under pressure.  


How does this person get their work?  Is their boss organized?  If not, the person is probably used to shifting gears often.  How does their boss' management style affect their work? 

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