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Linda S. Jevahirian, President, Legal Search & Management, Inc.

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The ‘Five Floors of Relationships’ (modeled on communication theory) is a helpful way to understand the level and impact of contacts so they can be positioned strategically.

First Floor Relationships.  Transactional in nature - people who do things for you because it is their job.  Clerks, service employees,  people who help not because of their relationship with you, but because of the nature of their position on the job.

Second Floor Relationships.  Sharing some personal information, facts.  Conversations typically start with news, sports, and weather, and seldom move beyond the superficial or topical.  At work, such relationships are based on positional authority, such as boss-employee.  You aren’t truly friends.

Third Floor Relationships.  Sharing opinions, learning to deal with conflict.  For the most part, however, such relationships are relatively superficial, and kept at arm’s length. Peers who interact regularly to reach common goals.  You know some details about their personal lives and professional hopes and dreams, but are not asked or invited to give advice or feedback.

Fourth Floor Relationships.  Sharing emotions and feelings; ability to work through conflict; willingness at times to put the other person’s needs ahead of your own. Conversations consistently move beyond news, sports, and weather.  Mentors, good friends, close colleagues, people you care about in your job, industry, or community.

Fifth Floor ‘Penthouse’ Relationships.  Shared values, high level of openness, candor, and vulnerability, focusing on the other persons’s needs.  Your closest and most intimate relationships.  

SOURCE:  Spaulding, Tommy, It’s Not Just Who You Know, 2010, New York, Broadway Books, p. 65

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