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Linda S. Jevahirian, President, Legal Search & Management, Inc.

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You’ve got it all.  Degree, job, responsibility, reputation, money.  You are at a conference, at lunch, in a class, on the job, in the company suite, volunteering in the neighborhood, or who knows where.  You meet someone who mentions their firm or company is looking for someone new.  The position sounds like it is exactly where you  want to be.

How do you get from a simple mention to landing the opportunity of your life? Competing for the job of your dreams involves more than a resume, a pin-striped suit and a white starched shirt.  

Successful self-marketing starts with a realistic target and a strategic plan.  Start by completing the following statements.  If you find you are struggling with any one of them, you are less than prepared.  

My career vision is …  

My specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) goals include …

My branded career image can be described as …

My bullet-proof resume and digital profile look like ….

My elevator speech speech sounds like …

My network, prospect and references include …

My interview responses are ….

My negotiation skills are …

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You’ve got it all …. but how do you market YOU?