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Linda S. Jevahirian, President, Legal Search & Management, Inc.

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Clients are likely to favor a firm that employs paralegals because they make legal services more affordable - but do they understand paralegal qualifications, the scope of services, and do they have confidence in the billing rates?  What will convince them that you are adding value to your services? 


Paralegals are not licensed or certified by a government agency  They are qualified through education and experience. They typically receive two or four degrees, or post college certifications or diplomas.  ABA approved programs are distinguished by guidelines that schools are required to renew on a regular basis.  Policies about hiring, including the level of education and experience required, should be stated clearly.  

Scope of services

Paralegals in Michigan operate under the Guidelines for the Utilization of Legal Assistant Services adopted from the ABA. They do not render legal advice, retain clients, accept fees from clients, or split fees. Their responsibilities are closely monitored and supervised by a licensed attorney at all times.  

Billing practice

Client invoices should be specific as to paralegal tasks and rates.  Paralegal rates are published in surveys by the National Federal of Paralegal Associations, the National Association of Legal Assistants, and the International Paralegal Management Association.


The employment of  paralegals is ultimately one of economy.  Clients simply pay less per paralegal hour than they do for a lawyer with the same level of experience.  The advantages have the potential to persuade a client when they are considering the cost of legal services.

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