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Legal Recruiting News

Where Do Candidates Come From?

You are looking for a new employee. You place an expensive ad, and ask your network to send referrals.  In the meantime, a major client fires their attorney, the law firm runs out of work, and several people are laid off.  Two corporations merge, there are two people for every  job, staff is downsized.  It is June and oodles of new professionals are about to graduate. 

Within hours of placing the ad you are flooded with resumes - and now you spend hours sorting them into folders labeled:  Highly qualified - consider first, semi-qualified - consider if highly qualified don't work out, not qualified - shred

Four highly qualified candidates are interviewed; but, something is missing. Ditto the semi-qualified candidates who are interviewed after the first batch goes south.  In week six, the search -- which has already taken many hours, if not days, away from revenue producing work -- is put on hold while all resources are focused on an new project that will take several weeks to finish. 

It is the same old story.  Months after the initial attempt, the search is resumed.  The expensive ad is placed again, and the resumes stream in. Same old ad, same old response. Matters get worse when that possibly semi-qualified candidate from the second round of interviews is no longer available.  

Consider a much more favorable scenario.  A highly qualified individual has asked a recruiter to keep them informed of new opportunities.  Because they can't risk a breach of confidence, they don’t answer ads or tell others about their interest. 

This person has a huge and distinct advantage. The recruiter they entrusted will connect them to a law firm or company invested in hiring the best of the best, and in the most efficient way possible. The candidate will be presented and interviewed promptly, and hired before any distractions derail the process.   

If you’re thinking you are spending too much time chasing the semi-qualified, and missing out on the highly qualified, you are!    

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